The first blog post!

YES BEACH is Born! A new blog! A fresh baby, brought into this world ugly but will grow into a beautiful new being. 

Empowering you to be beautiful, in whatever you do.


We are a community of support, inspiration, and mentorship based around wellness and entrepreneurism. Pursue a new hobby, get a beach body, start a business, can you do it? Whatever you ask yourself, “Yes Beach”, that is the answer.

This has become my mantra and can be yours too. During my work outs, finishing this blog, applying for new jobs, when I second guess my abilities, I say it and I laugh, and reaffirm that I can do it.


Share your stories – See other people’s stories – Connect and support through common interests.

A feature of Yes Beach: Members can challenge each other and me on FitBit – There’s a link on the home page. Think of it like a virtual work out buddy.

Look forward to posts about successful people, their habits, and how to apply them to your own life. This is a gist of the vision for Yes Beach but it will be what we make together.


I started Yes Beach to gain confidence in my body and capabilities as an entrepreneur, and share this journey with people who are interested in similar things.

Why are you here? – Maybe you have the similar goals, maybe you are just curious about starting a business or learning about how to start healthy habits. Whatever it is, I’ll try not to post awkward gym selfies and help you guys reach your dreams too!

Starting this blog:

At first, I wanted to start an online store, buying and selling trendy wholesale items at a higher price – Marketing things based on popularity works but didn’t resonate with my personal story and makes it difficult to differentiate yourself.

So soul searching commenced… this was frustrating. When people ask you, “What do you like to do?” Uh… you don’t have a list you spout off. Especially when you are trying to dig deeper, “I like to eat ice cream!” It doesn’t cut it.

Next: How to boil down interest to passion? AND deliver a meaningful message to others?

So I started thinking. It took a week to collect my ideas into a coherent prospect.

Here is what I came up with:

  • Fitness – I love feeling healthy, eating healthy, and pushing myself to do better. Even if I don’t have the motivation to always pursue these on a daily basis, I try my best.
  • Entrepreneurship – Creativity at its finest people! – A field of unique people interested in helping others in their own way. They ask why and how can I do this better? These people change the world.
  • I have been wanting to start my first business and further improve my health.



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