21 Days of Buddha Bowls


So to start this blog off right, let’s get our bodies right! Challenge: 21 days of nothing but buddha bowls. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you have never encountered the Buddha in bowl form, let me introduce you: A flavorful combo of greens, proteins, grains, and smiles.

If 21 days seems like too much, I encourage you to try at least one a day, but hang in there. It’s really hard to set up good habits when you enjoy the bad ones more. Example: just now they were handing out free cookies outside the school- hell yeah I got a free cookie! My sweet tooth has been off the chain…

Buddha bowls are easy to make, prep, and can be made cheaply. Best part: they are designed to be full of variety! So for those of you like me who can’t force yourself to eat bland health foods or make a salad every day, this is perfect. Prep your favorite veggies, throw them over greens add a little protein.

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit… Myth. Don’t we wish it was that simple. Remember, GREAT HABITS ARE FORMED DAILY. Truth be told, good habits require consistent commitment. So to begin, I think 21 days is a nice way to try this commitment on for size and experiment with something new!

Challenge Goal: Set up a more appealing alternative to my current diet and establish an easy to repeat routine.


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