March Fit Bit Challenge

Challenges are a fun way to stay motivated through out the day and play against your friends, family, or even yourself for top scores.

Join the March FitBit Challenge @ Yes Beach March

Let’s see who can get the most steps!

Winner will be featured on my blog at the end of the month and get a secret prize. Simply click the link above, join and get ta steppin’.


Here are a few challenge FAQs from FitBit:

Other Challenges – You can choose from five races:
  1. Daily Showdown—Who can get the most steps today?
  2. Weekend Warrior—Who can get the most steps over the weekend?
  3. Workweek Hustle—Who can get the most steps Monday through Friday?
  4. Goal Day—How many participants can reach their daily step goal?
  5. Adventures—Challenge yourself through non-competitive, solo journeys.
How to start a challenge of your own:

To start a challenge you’ll need the Fitbit app for iOS, Android, or Windows 10. After you open the app, tap the Challenges tab to get started. To invite others to the challenge, tap or click Add Players and choose among your Fitbit friends and contacts. You can see your mobile contacts and any Facebook friends who are Fitbit users but not yet your Fitbit friends. Any person from these lists that you invite to the challenge will also be added as a Fitbit friend. If you’d prefer to compete against yourself, skip the step for adding friends or start an adventure instead for a non-competitive, solo journey.


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