Benefits of Bee Pollen

Yummy! I just had this atop my breakfast acai bowl. One thing I love about doing this blog is that I have already learned so many new nutritional facts to share with you guys while I’ve been exploring ingredients for buddha bowls. Check it:

bee pollen

What’s bee pollen?

Honeybees collect pollen grains from flowers and pack these grains into granules with special hairs on their hind legs and a sticky substance secreted from their stomachs. They carry just two granules back at a time that will eventually be fed to their young. Bee farmers collect just a little to keep their bee friend’s hives thriving.


Processed with Moldiv

From the health website Dr. Axe:

Chemical Composition of Bee Pollen

  • 30 percent digestible carbohydrates
  • 26 percent sugars (mainly fructose and glucose)
  • 23 percent protein (including 10 percent of essential amino acids)
  • 5 percent lipids (including essential fatty acids)
  • 2 percent phenolic compounds (including flavonoids)
  • 1.6 percent minerals (including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, silicon and selenium)
  • 0.6 percent water-soluble vitamins and acids (including B1, B2, B6 and C)
  • 0.1 percent fat-soluble vitamins (including vitamins A, E and D)

10 Ways to enjoy:

  1. Yogurt, smoothie & cereal topping
  2. Add ground bee pollen to cooling homemade granola while it is still moist and sticky.
  3. Blend into smoothies
  4. Add to raw protein bars, raw desserts or candies
  5. Salad toppers
  6. Salad dressings
  7. Popcorn topping
  8. Garnish for dark chocolate
  9. Coating for sugared almonds or hazelnuts
  10. Toast topper – especially good with almond butter and cinnamon



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