Inside Mastery

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Inside Mastery – Master your Life


Inside Mastery uncovers the proven strategies, tactics and insights of the world’s elite performers and experts that will enable you to master all areas of your life. Martin Soorjoo, performance coach, author and former attorney, interviews some of the best minds and practitioners on the planet from the fields of human performance, stress management, productivity, leadership, motivation, resilience and neuroscience, providing listeners with valuable insights and practical tools.


Martin Soorjoo

Is a mental performance coach helping people to win using the best practices of elite performers and neuroscience.

From Martin’s LinkedIn: “I help individuals and teams to increase their mental performance, focus and ability to perform under intense pressure, while developing the resilience necessary to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive and challenging environments.

For the past 12 years I have advised, coached and worked with individuals from Goldman Sachs another investment banks, the United Nations, Freshfields and other international law firms, high growth startups, VC firms, law and the military.

Prior to that I practised as an attorney for 14 years, winning many high profile landmark cases in the national and international courts.

I help executives and entrepreneurs think more clearly while managing stress, lawyers and judges perform better, investment bankers / traders improve their decision making capacity and for my sins I have helped politicians develop greater resilience for the campaign trail.

My approach to coaching employs researched backed methods from Neuroscience, Performance Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming combined with the practices of elite athletes and the military, the latest advances in technology with traditional practices that have been used for thousands of years.”


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