Knowing Your Market

north end

Local Entrepreneurs of Richmond VA! My hometown.

I want to focus on the guys at North End Juice Company, Channing and Cliff Miller, because they brought something to Richmond that was sorely needed – they offered a solution to a pin-point part of the market. This town is foodie driven. If you aren’t delivering the goods when it comes to clean eats, rich soulful flavors, or adding a unique twist on your product, you just aren’t going to cut it.

This town is SMALL with a BIG appetite. Get it right or people will just go elsewhere to the better options. We have many. I am sure you have your favorite dinning place too – A place you chose because the service is great, has the best brunch in town, is located near the water, etc. It feels good to be there. And this goes far beyond food, if you offer something that people appreciate, it is bound to do well.

So what these guys did to stand out in a big crowd?

They offer fresh, made-to-order food such as fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, bowls, and wheat grass shots, but it’s the convenience that’s unique – everything is served quickly and out of a walk-up window, which opens right onto the sidewalk.

AND best yet, they put their personal story behind the items on their menu. Having lived and traveled to warm, tropical places, and been bartenders, they use their mixology knowledge, connections with food suppliers in areas of the world, and experience in different cultures to create a menu to take your taste buds on a journey.

Example: Vegan Civiche! OMG drool.


And on the marketing side of things:

These guys have it down! They post pics of their yummy creations on Facebook, Instagram, and utilize the neighbor’s cute pups on their Insta for one of my favorites, #dogoftheday. This not only builds good customer relationships, but shows their fun, chill personalities, and brings people to their site for more than just food. Good job guys!



Do you have a favorite local spot doing something unique? Share Below!




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