Knowing your customer

You might think you know what your customer wants, that you have this great idea that will help them fix it, and viola! Problem solved. Right? Wrong. Have you asked them how they feel about said problem? Do you know who ‘them’ is?

Before you start, consider:

  • Define who your target market is.
  • What part of the user experience do you want to improve for them?
  • Will your questions get the answers you want? Stay away from yes or no questions. They will not provide in depth, useful answers.

You don’t have to go walk around with a pen and paper asking questions, although this is one of the most effective ways to get good customer feedback AND create rapport among your potential audience.

Face to Face:

  • Focus on user attitudes. Explore how users think about a problem. Dig a little deeper – “why do you… what do you think about… would it be better if… how often… why?”
  • Ask users to recall specific instances when. Maybe when something worked well or didn’t, or good experience, etc.
  • Inquire about habits. Asking users how they normally do a task can reveal problems they didn’t even know were there.

Create a survey:

  •  Qualaroo for simple questions or polls, with the goal of generating responses from customers who are active on your website.
  • Survey Monkey free, customizable surveys, as well as data analysis, sample selection, bias elimination, and data representation tools.

Post on Socials:

If it’s just a single question, you want to get an opinion, or gauge how your audience might respond to an idea, you can post on social media. This is useful when your question is to small to send out on a survey. Social media is also a good place for A/B testing with ads, posts, and products.


Site Analytics

What are your users telling you without telling you?

Sometimes the best feedback is found when users are candidly using your product (and not being asked how they use it). To get a peek at these sorts of insights, you should turn to analytics that showcase how users are interacting with your site.



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