Mind follows body, body follows mind. Why not use your health to your advantage?

Yes Beach was created by Lindsey Bein, to be a community of support, inspiration, and growth for people interested in health and entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to help and motivate you to live a life you love and give you the courage to say yes to your self and your dreams. You can live a strong, beautiful life, you just have to say yes.

Empowering YOU to create your own success. Start a business, love your body, take the first steps of a new journey, can you do it? Yes Beach, that is the answer!

My Story


Hello guys! Lindsey here to tell you a little about me… I like long walks on the beach and taking selfies. Ha ha just kidding, hope you enjoy.

Why did I start Yes beach?

I have always had a ton of energy. On my childhood soccer team “The Monkeys,” and I was  dubbed “Energizer Monkey,” which I think this is very fitting. To this day, I never run out of energy when I am focused on something truly exciting. If I have the opportunity to use creativity, I love it and that is what got me interested in entrepreneurship. Find something you are passionate about, figure out how it can help other people, and have fun doing it! It’s creative problem solving at it’s finest.

All this energy has to go somewhere right? As a kid along with soccer, I did Tae Kwon Do up until 2nd degree black belt and added track to my repertoire in high school. Now in college, I have kept up with running – by the river, nature trails, the city, wherever my body takes me, and yoga, swimming, hiking, HIIT (high intensity interval training), oh and I bike everywhere- city biking is where it’s at. Did I mention I like intensity?

But what happens when this energy feels wasted? In my life when I feel like I have no direction, life feels stagnant, lacks motivation, and has sometimes lead me to slip into depression. I have a family history of depression and anxiety and the feeling of helplessness can magnify even the simplest problems.

During my time in college I began to develop an eating habit that was unhealthy.

Every meal I ate felt guilt-ridden, “I shouldn’t be eating this,” leading to stress and over eating. I didn’t see the swimsuit model body I envisioned. I still exercised frequently but felt little vitality within. My meals varied from healthy to infrequent to bingeing. It can be easy to let your mind bully your body.

I  have learned that creating positive habits and exerting my energy towards maintaining them is the best solution. This includes exercising and eating nutrient dense meals.

So I wanted to create a way for people like me, who maybe want to find a purpose in their lives, have a lifestyle that rewards them with the efforts they put in, are interested in business, or even just want to feel happy an manage their bodies or business in a better way. Whatever it is, I want to use what I and others like me have learned to help people reach their dreams, whatever those may be.

Through exercise and nutrition, you can take control of your life in ways you never knew possible. You don’t know what you don’t know until you try.

Why Should You Follow Yes Beach?

Yes Beach was created to be a community of support, inspiration, and growth for people interested in strengthening their bodies and minds. Whether you want to start your own business, create positive habits, leap mental hurdles, or gain the strength to believe in your dreams, just ask yourself the question, can you do it? Believe in yourself, and Yes Beach, you can.

The goal of Yes Beach is to inspire and motivate you to live a life you love, to give you the courage to say yes to your self and your dreams. You can live a strong, beautiful life, you just have to say yes.

Here is some of the content you can expect to find here:

  • Nutrition Articles – Chosen to help you understand the chemistry of food and how it affects your body, use this to fuel your body, and create healthy habits doing so.
  • Health & Exercise Routines – To help you reach your goals, develop new workouts, maintain current routines, and make your body work for you, not against you.
  • Entrepreneurship  If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or just interested in applying the skills of highly successful people to your life, it’s all here.
  • Self-Improvement Articles – Designed to help you create healthy habits, become more productive, get out of your comfort zone, and generally improve your life.
  • Success Articles – Designed to help you turn goals into plans, empower yourself to achieve these, and get where you want to go.
  • Motivation – Look forward to compilations of the best motivational videos, articles, quotes, and images.
  • Fun Challenges – Play and compete with each other in FitBit challenges, workout goals and more!

If you choose to follow Yes Beach, (fingers crossed!) I hope you will enjoy reading content here that inspires you to push yourself to grab the life you want. Remember, mind follows body, body follows mind. You have the power to take control, all you have to do is believe.

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